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Medium – Leaves on the floor.​

The work comes from my strong belief that “LOVE” is the only one thing that can change the world.​

But a change that needs to be within us first. One needs to feel the LOVE within ourselves, in order to express it and experience it in the world outside. Children are embodiments of LOVE itself and working with them has made me a more sensitive human being. The presence of children has ingrained into me the seed of LOVE which is unconditional, selfless and childlike. Being with them has made me realize and feel LOVE in its true and purest essence.

Natural elements like leaves have been used in the work – giving it thus an ephemeral connotation – „that no material existence really lasts forever but LOVE.‟ The whole of creation is a cycle of birth, death and rebirth – a continuous cycle of material transformation where LOVE remains the only constant and driving force for the entire process.


The use of dried leaves also has a deep significance – as we always associate LOVE with the feeling of joy my purpose was to express that LOVE in itself never dies – it lives on in our hearts, in our memories, in our beings – in our vibrations. Death cannot limit LOVE.

The entire process of creating LOVE was extremely joyful and spontaneous. I used the leaves that naturally existed around, without plucking new fresh leaves. The purpose was to rejuvenate LOVE in spirit, in form and in action without disturbing/deforming nature and yet conveying the infinity that LOVE contains.

Medium: Wooden Door, Paint. ​

Year: 2010

DOORS have various connotations in our lives – from the most physical use of it to the most spiritual significance.On a physical front it acts as a demarcation of space – privatizing each sector of our life as personal, social etc – the door demarcates the zone which mentally also brings one into the sphere into which one has entered. But nature has no demarcations – no doors but only an openness – a wide openness that engulfs us with its beauty and expanse.​

​Nature is experienced as a singular space and man demarcated this singularity as multiple spaces – individualizing the largeness of it into minuscule spaces with the construction of walls – psychological, cultural, political and social – all with a need to serve a humanistic purpose, a humanistic motive.

NOT JUST A DOOR signifies a deep yearning to break through this purely ‘humanistic space’ and plunge into the infinite space that surrounded me – with the mountains, sky, clouds, river, stars and moon all around us with its overwhelming beauty, love and peace.

The process of creating this work was thoroughly an enjoyment as again it was an spontaneous act – it was an experience for me too, to jump out of my own comfort zone of creation and jump into a thoughtful idea – which is actually the spirit of creativity – being open at all times and taking the plunge!


Since i enjoy and love working with children - conducted an art workshop for about 45-50 children of a local public school located in Uttarakhand, India.​

It was my first experience working in an open class surrounded by nature. Children created beautiful art depicting their 'Imaginative Tree'.

To encourage their artistic talent we managed to exhibit their art to share with other artists and organizers/ managers of the space and trip -  which initiated a lot of dialogue -The entire initiative did boost confidence in the young artists.



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