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online art program for adults


Weekend / weekdays (morning - afternoon - evening - late evening slots available)



Online live interactive and hands-on sessions to be conducted via zoom

What is the course about?

  • Introduction to watercolours (or medium you decide) and other related art supplies like cold pressed and hot pressed papers, brushes, etc.

  • Experiment with tools and techniques

  • Creative and captivating art sessions filled with positive energy and fun!

  • Encouragement to enjoy the creative process

  • Learning and unlearning, exploring and discovering

  • Develop sense of aesthetic

  • Relaxing

  • Therapeutic

  • Cherish every moment

For whom is the course designed?

We believe everyone is an artist and art cannot be taught but it a unique expression of an individual which can be nurtured and developed. Most participants who join are absolute beginners with heart full of art and an open mind. People from all walks of life have been joining us - bankers, jewelry designers, architects, interior designers, teachers, students, amateur artists, hobbyist, art lovers, etc. (participants of age 75+ have attended our course too)

No skill or experience in drawing / painting required to attend any of our courses.

How does it work?

To begin with we set up a 6 session course. Twice a week. 3 weeks. This first-hand experience will help you understand the process, approach and style of work. Next step - we proceed with a 24 session course. Long term courses available too. Please drop a message to connect and discuss.




acrylic on canvas

soft pastels

graphite and pen

If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.  - Vincent van Gogh


via bank transfer


Please click on contact us sharing your preferred:

  1. Days

  2. Time slots (time zone difference can be discussed and matched. ARt lovers from 4 different countries have been joining in so far)

  3. Medium

  4. 1 on 1 or small group of 2-3 friends/ family/ colleagues

  5. Further details on fee structure, etc / any questions

 Please click here to view testimonials by ARt Lovers / participants 

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