1:1 personalized sessions


small group of friends, family, colleagues

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inspire - experiment - create

age group:  6-8   |   7-9   |   10-12   |   9-13   |   11-15   |   15 +

(age group can be customized - please drop a message to connect and discuss)

innocent eye

parent-child ARt program  (grandparents are welcome to join)

children age group:  4.5 - 6    |   7-8    |    8+

the artist in you



art together

family ARt program - children, parents, grand parents, all together.

great grand parents have also joined us for the workshops.


art for all

Art program for IGCSE and IB curriculum, NGOs, corporate, expats, etc.

  • Little artists (children) and young artists (teens / young adults} enrolled in reputed International schools have been joining us past many years.

  • ARt lovers from India and abroad (5 countries so far) have been joining. time zone difference can be discussed and matched.

  • No drawing / painting skill or experience required to attend any of our ARt program. Absolute beginners welcome too.

if you wish to experience our online ARt program please drop a message here CONTACT to connect and discuss.

  • The contact details shared via this website can be used to contact the person and share our ARt program details anytime.
    If you sign up for any of our course the Images / videos shared via whatsapp, email or any other source can be used for posting them on social media, forwarded via whatsapp or any electronic platform or print  media.
    Fee once paid is not refundable / non transferable