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1:1 personalized sessions     or    small group of friends, family, colleagues


inspire - experiment - create

age group:  6-8   |   7-9   |   10-12   |   9-13   |   11-15   |   15 +

(age group can be customized - please drop a message to connect and discuss)

innocent eye

parent-child ARt program  (grandparents are welcome to join)

children age group:  4.5 - 6    |   7-8    |    8+

the artist in you



art together

family ARt program - children, parents, grand parents, all together.

great grand parents have also joined us for the workshops.


art for all

Art program for IGCSE and IB curriculum, NGOs, corporate, expats, etc.

  • Little artists (children) and young artists (teens / young adults} enrolled in reputed International schools have been joining us past many years.

  • ARt lovers from India and abroad (5 countries so far) have been joining. time zone difference can be discussed and matched.

  • No drawing / painting skill or experience required to attend any of our ARt program. Absolute beginners welcome too.

if you wish to experience our online ARt program please drop a message here CONTACT to connect and discuss.

  • The contact details shared via this website can be used to contact the person and share our ARt program details anytime.

  • If you sign up for any of our courses the Images / videos shared via WhatsApp, email or any other source/ platform can be used by us for presentation, marketing purposes and for posting them on social media, forwarding them on whatsapp or any electronic platform or print  media. 

  • Recorded sessions in full or part of it can be used in any form and format.

  • Fee once paid is non refundable / non transferable



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